Exploring Church Planting - US West (ECP v1)


Who should apply for the Potential Planter Track?

Acts 29 is committed to raising up new church planters. Our main assessment process is designed for planters and churches that are about to plant. However it might be years before you are ready to plant and in the meantime it would be of great value to you, and your church, for you to undergo a pre-assessment process. This track is designed to provide objective feedback on whether or not you are suited to considering church planting in the future.

If you fulfil the following criteria, this pre-assessment it is for you:
- Older than 25.
- Considering church planting, but you are two to five years away from planting.
- You are in conversation with your lead pastor or sending church about your suitability to plant in the next five years. Applicants will only be taken through to interview with their pastor's commendation.
- You are in agreement with the Acts 29 Doctrinal Distinctives and Values

The application process comprises of a set of online questionnaires. Once they have been completed you will be invited to a one-to-one interview with an Acts 29 member at an annual conference or training event. 


Terms and Conditions:

1) Review Acts 29 Doctrinal Distinctives and values.
2) Review our Privacy Policy. This outlines how Acts 29 handles your data.

If you are in agreement with all of the above, please confirm this by clicking on the button below: 'Accept Terms and Register'.

Once set up, you can log into your account at https://application.acts29.com.

Please note: If you do not progress through assessment or reply to notifications in a timely manner, your account will be archived. After 2 months all archived accounts are deleted as per our Privacy Policy. After that, should you wish to re-engage, you will need to start the process again (including the payment of any fees). 

If you have any questions, please email: assessment.uswest@acts29.com and one of our team members will get back with you within a week. 

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Assignment Questions
Phase 1 0
Initial Application 30
1.1 Instructions and Profile 3
1.2 Reference Survey 38
1.3 CV 5
1.4 Testimony and Gifting 9
1.5 Theological & Pastoral Questionnaire 14
1.6 Marriage & Family 11
1.7 Preaching Sample 3
1.8 Confidential Questionnaire 16
1.9 Registration for Interview 5
Phase 2 | Interview 0