Existing Church - US North Atlantic (ExCA v3)


If you are the pastor of an existing church that wants to join Acts 29, you can apply any time. If you are a preparing to plant a church in the next 18 months or less, then please apply using our Church Planter Assessment track. You may also want to do one of the following to help with your assessment:

- Attending an Acts 29 event hosted by your local network.
- Take our Am I A Church Planter self assessment.
- Contact your local Acts 29 church to find out more about planting with Acts 29.

If you want to find out more about local church planting residencies or about our Pre-Assessment Track, please email your Assessment Coordinator for more details.

How much does the application process cost?

There are two non refundable expenses in the assessment process:
1. Application Fee - $250 processing fee. This is payable if your initial application is approved.
2. Assessment Fee - $1250 on-site church assessment. This is payable once the online portions of the application are completed and you are advanced to the on-site assessment processes.
Additionally, you may be ask to pay a small fee to cover a personality assessment.


1) Review Acts 29 Doctrinal Distinctives and values. You will be required to be in agreement with these to undertake assessment with Acts 29.
2) Review Acts 29 Covenant. You will be required to sign this, on behalf of your church, prior to becoming a member.
3) Review the Acts 29 Assessment Process.
4) Review our Privacy Policy. This outlines how Acts 29 handles your data.

If you are in agreement with all of the above, please confirm this by clicking on the button below: 'Accept Terms and Register'.

Once set up, you can log into your account at https://application.acts29.com.

Please note: If you do not progress through assessment or reply to notifications in a timely manner, your account will be archived. After 2 months all archived accounts are deleted as per our Privacy Policy. After that, should you wish to re-engage, you will need to start the process again (including the payment of any fees).

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Assignment Questions
Initial Application 42
Phase 1 | Applicant 0
1.1 Application Fee & Settings 3
1.2 Church Information 33
1.3 Leadership Survey 16
1.4 Lead Pastor's Reference Survey 21
1.5 Lead Pastor's Questionnaire 17
1.6 Vision for Planting 11
1.7 Theological & Pastoral Questionnaire 32
1.8 Preaching 9
1.9 Networking 2
1.10 Lead Pastor Phone Interview 2
Phase 2 | Assessment 0
2.1 Assessment Registration 1
2.2 Re-assessment (if applicable) 6
Phase 3 | Candidate 0
3.1 Post Assessment Checks 3
3.2 Conditions Completed 16
3.3 Apply for Membership 23
Phase 4 | Member 0
4.1 Membership 4