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If you are the pastor of an existing church that wants to join Acts 29, you can apply at any time. If you are preparing to plant a church in the next 18 months or less, please apply using our " Church Planter Assessment " track. You may also want to do one of the following things to help with your evaluation:

- Attend an  Acts 29 event organized by your local network.
- Take our self-assessment of  Am I a Planter? .
Contact an Acts 29 church for more information on planting with Acts 29.

For more information on local church planting residences or our potential planter track, email your Region Assessment Coordinator for more details.


1) Review the doctrinal hallmarks of Acts 29 . You must agree to these to carry out the evaluation with Acts 29.
2) Review the pact with  Acts 29 Pact . You will be asked to sign it, on behalf of your church, before becoming a member of A29.
3) Review  the Acts 29 evaluation process.
4) Review  our privacy policy . This describes how Acts 29 handles your data.

If you agree to all of the above, please confirm this by clicking the button below: " Accept terms and register ".

Once done, you can log into your account at https://application.acts29.com

Please note: if you do not progress through the assessment or do not respond to notifications in a timely manner, your account will be archived. After 2 months, all archived accounts are deleted in accordance with our  Privacy Policy . After that, if you want to participate again, you will have to start the process again (including paying any fees).

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Assignment Questions
Solicitud Inicial 43
Fase 1 | Aplicante 0
1.1 Pago por aplicación & Ajustes 3
1.2 Currículum Vitae / Hoja de vida 5
1.3 Encuesta para el pastor 39
1.4 Testimonio y Talentos 17
1.5 Estrategia y cronología 17
1.6 Matrimonio y Familia 11
1.7 Cuestionario para la esposa 20
1.8 Encuesta de la Esposa del pastor 20
1.9 Networking 2
1.10 Cuestionario teológico y pastoral 20
1.11 Ejemplo de predicación 9
1.12 Cuestionario financiero 12
1.13 Cuestionario Confidencial 32
1.14 Entrevista Telefónica 5
Fase 2 | Entrevista en persona (Assessment) 0
2.1 Inscripción para la Entrevista en Persona 3
2.2 Re-assessment (if applicable) 6
Fase 3 | Candidato 0
3.1 Chequeo Post Assessment 4
3.2 Condiciones Terminadas 16
3.3 Pacto y Membresía 25
Fase 4 | Miembro 0
4.1 Miembro 4