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When is the appropriate time to apply to Acts 29?

If you have already planted your church or currently lead an established church, then you can apply at any time. Please apply to our 'existing church' track (a link can be found at this page). If you are a preparing to plant a church in the next 12 or less, then it is time to apply. Please note that clarity of vision and gifting to plant is more important than a precise timeline (i.e. the 12 month figure is approximate, but if you are uncertain as whether church planting is for you, please take time to talk and pray this through further).

Some great ways to help you determine whether you are called to plant a church and/or partner with Acts 29 include:

- Attending an Acts 29 event hosted by your local network.

- Read through the "About" section of our website including our Distinctives and Values.  

- Contact your local Acts 29 churches to find out more about planting with Acts 29.

If you desire to do a church planting internship or residency before planting a church please email for more details of what might be available in your area.


What to do before I apply?

1) REVIEW THE ABOUT PAGE, DOCTRINAL DISTINCTIVES, & COVENANT:  Please carefully review and be in agreement with Acts 29's Doctrinal Distinctives and Covenant.

2) REVIEW THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS: Please review our resources on the assessment process at the following page. Please note that you will need to devote 10-20 hours to complete the online portion of the assessment process. This will then result in a final assessment for you and you wife (if married) at one of our assessment conferences.

3) LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS: Choose "Create Account” below to set up your account to begin the application process.  This link will take you to “The Connect Desk” website to set up your account.   Once you’ve set up your account and confirmed your account (an email will be sent to you), save this page to login to your application account after you’ve successfully set up your account.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to email

4) "AM I A CHURCH PLANTER?": Review this blog by Dr Allen Thompson here. It will be referred to later on in the application process. 

5) CHURCH PLANTER BY DARRIN PATRICK: Purchase Darrin Patrick's book as it is used and referred to through-out the process. 

6) INITIAL APPLICATION FORM: To apply to Acts 29, please complete the "Initial Application" form. This will then be reviewed by the Assessment Coordinator andif succesful will unlock further online assingments.

7) NETWORKING: Networking is a key aspect of Acts 29. If you live in an area where there are other Acts 29 churches, we would encourage you to connect with those Acts 29 pastors and planters in your target area to begin to develop relationships. See list of Acts 29 churches here.

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Assignment Questions
Initial Application 52
Phase 1 | Applicant 0
Application Fee & Instructions 3
Resume 8
Reference Survey 102
Testimony & Calling 19
Church Planting Strategy & Timeline 10
Training & Boot Camp 11
Personality Profile 10
Networking 1
Theological & Pastoral Questionnaire 24
Preaching 13
Marriage & Family 14
Wife Questionnaire 15
Financial Survey 12
Confidential Questionnaire 39
Phone Interview 4
Phase 2 | Assessment 0
Assessment Registration 2
Re-assessment (if applicable) 6
Phase 3 | Candidate 0
Post Assessment Checks 4
Website Listing and The City 14
Conditions Completed 17
Apply for Membership 22
Phase 4 | Member 0
Membership 6